LastCall – The fight For Truth, Justice and the Inebriated Way!


Contrary to what people will tell you , there is a LASTCALL in Las Vegas!

LASTCALL is the epic story chronicling the adventures of a mild mannered bartender fighting for truth, justice and the inebriated way.


A pair of security guards inside of Area 51 decide to alleviate their tedious task by joyriding UFOs across the Nevada desert! One fateful night they discovered that many UFOs had mini-bars installed in them and that’s where the shenanigans began! One fateful night , fueled by alien liquor they attempt
buzzing the Stratosphere only to crash their borrowed UFO deep in the sand. Salvaged from the wreckage was the Grognox, an alien bottle opener with the ability to endow it’s holder with amazing powers and abilities beyond all others in the drinking arts. Through the Las Vegas circle of life ( you gotta read issue #1 to understand this ) it lands in the hands of Tero , a mild mannered bartender, who by accident discovers that he is now the mighty hero known as LASTCALL!

From there, the adventure just gets stranger.

I live in the city they call the city of sin
There’s a last call but it ain’t for whiskey or gin
He’s a local bartender super-hero friend.
He’s lastcall, lastcall
Fighting for the drunks who can’t stand at all
He’s lastcall , lastcall
He’s a local bartender super-hero friend