Omiverse Central Control Comics Update for 4-20-18

Here is the news….


  • The KICKSTARTER for LASTCALL #4 will open soon! Get your perks now!
  • LASTCALL #4 is being scripted! The conclusion of the two part story started in issue #3! Mystery guest star!
  • LASTCALL #3 is in production! Page 1 / 20 Complete!
  • LASTCALL #2 is out! If you don’t have some stop by our shop and pick one up!


  • NOIDUTTU #1 is almost complete! We expect the final art to be ready by the end of this month, and then off to the presses!


  • Motivational posters are in production! They will be in the shop soon!


  • No news for the moment. Check back next week!

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